Our Program

With millions of websites competing for consumer attention, what we've learned is Activity = Awareness.

The Sabre Solution creates a coordinated content development and delivery plan targeted to the audience a client wants to reach. We create content across several platforms that include social media, web marketing and public relations. Using authentic content from (ie, client testimonials, product launches, customer service successes, etc), we utilize social media and web marketing to deliver relevant content to the target audience with the objective of increasing the awareness of your brand/website.

The Web Visibility Platform is divided into several components: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing and Search Term Marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing - SEO is the augmentation of "organic visibility through search engines." What does that mean? That means it helps a website appear more often and higher in the rankings in Google and other search engines. How does it work? There is a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes grunt work in SEO, but the most important elements to know are Relevance and Frequency. A website's content needs to be relevant and loaded with useful content that search engines can find, and additional relevant content should be added frequently. Likewise, Search Engine Marketing is the promotion of an optimized website in order to maximize visibility. Each month, we review and augment the Search Engine Marketing strategy, examining everything from keywords to the overall effectiveness of the SEO plan. Our review can include updating sitemaps, changing keywords and phrases, finding new websites for publishing and blogging, finding new forums, creating backlinks, and evaluating our progress or resubmitting to the top search engines. Think of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing as a monthly inventory, and we leave no stone unturned to make sure the right stock is on the right shelves.
  2. Social Media Management - Social media has become an increasingly critical marketing tool for business at the local, regional, national and international level. The Social Media Management plan delivers relevant content with sufficient frequency to provide a snapshot of a business and drive traffic to a website. We work collaboratively with clients and independently to carefully produce content that is consistent with a client's ongoing branding and marketing. Marketing principles haven't really changed, but the media form has changed. We still want to create compelling content that elicits a response. We just want to use an appropriate format and message style for social media platforms to do it.
    1. Working with you to create social media content intended to educate prospective clients and highlight your business' distinctive advantages.
    2. Deliver social media content weekly and monitor social media engagement as necessary.
    3. Develop/create consistent messaging and imagery for social media content and other brand building strategies.
    4. Perform adjustments/modifications to web marketing strategy as necessary.
  3. Social Media Marketing - Facebook and other forms of social media have introduced advertising that allows advertisers to reach a much wider range of people and also target specific geographic or behavioral targets. Social Media Marketing is a cost effective method to reach a very large audience. In order for a social media presence to be most effective, The Sabre Solution creates a campaign that targets a specific audience and delivers messaging with the necessary frequency. Social Media Promotion enables us to deliver and promote text, photos, videos and websites, and the wealth of response data generated provides an evaluation of the campaign's overall effectiveness. The success of Social Media Marketing is heavily dependent on responsiveness, and we monitor social media pages diligently in order to be able to immediately respond to any comments or questions. Social media may be a whole new world, but we use tried and true marketing principles to maximize results.
  4. Search Term Marketing - As the information superhighway has become more crowded, placing "billboards" on the road has become an increasingly necessary form of advertising to drive traffic to your website. Search Term Marketing is like commodities trading - we bid on search terms and the cost per term is determined by the popularity of the term. Therefore, an appropriate Search Term Marketing campaign budget will vary depending on the frequency with which terms are searched. The Sabre Solution determines appropriate search terms, manages the bidding process and creates the ads that will appear in response to chosen search terms. Our goal is to create the lowest Cost Per Click while also delivering maximum results. Our management process includes:
    1. Developing the search terms, keywords and phrases that will drive the most targeted traffic.
    2. Examine the competition to determine how they are getting traffic and examine industry-specific search listings to minimize your Cost Per Click.
    3. Adopt different bidding strategies for the different Search Engines to drive down Cost Per Click.
    4. Create compelling ads designed to generate response.
    5. Monitor the results daily to determine the most effective keywords, positions and search engines, then tailor the bidding to generate the most cost effective program to generate maximum traffic. This monitoring and adjustment process continues each week during the time we manage your campaign.